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floor levellingApplication took place on a section of flooring within the ‘Walking Floor Area’ which has become damaged over the years. The Walking Floor Area is used to store and process wood chippings before dropping down onto a conveyor system. The wood chippings are brought to the area by using large machinery weighing up to 24 ton. Drag chains are also used in the process. These actions are believed to of damaged the concrete floor and eroded a large amount of surface concrete away. so we offered a solution to repair a trial area and increase abrasion resistance.

The Belzona 4131 system was applied using the existing channel rails as a datum for depth and finish. The average depth was estimated to be 18mm. This application was completed in accordance with Belzona Know-How System Leaflet FPA-01. Alternative metods of repair didn’t offer the same level of abrasion resistance, as well as the ease of use experienced with the Belzona product. Levelling could be completed quickly and eaily by using the rail which were already in place. Due to this successful application further similiar work are in the pipelines for Belzona Technosol.

Belzona case study 7919