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Effluent Tank Repair Kuwait BelzonaWater ingress and weathering had caused corrosion of the reinforcement bar, leading to cracking and spalling of the concrete supports. Damaged and loose concrete was removed before the surface was abraded using mechanical tools to clean and roughen the surface, and remove corrosion from the reinforcement bar. Compressed air was then used to remove dust. The surface was primed with Belzona 4911, and Belzona 4141 used to rebuild the surface to the original dimensions. For additional protection from weathering and potential spillage from the tank, 2 coats of Belzona 5811 were added to protect the vessel supports.

Using conventional concrete to repair the area would have required a long time frame and the construction of formers to hold the concrete in place during the curing period. The resulting repair would also have suffered the same problems as the original concrete supports. Due to the superior adhesion and protective qualities of Belzona 4141, this was the preferred solution over the conventional concrete repair. The easy rebuilding qualities and fast curing time of the Belzona solution was an added bonus for the customer.

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